Dynamic Conveyor Introduces New Cable E-Stop Option

Dynamic Conveyor Corporation, Norton Shores, Michigan, a manufacturer of reconfigurable conveyor systems, now offers a cable style e-stop accessory option to accompany its DynaCon parts conveyors. The new cable style e-stop, and the traditional mushroom button e-stop, provide the ability to quickly stop the conveyor from running in an emergency situation. The cable style e-stop offers optimal protection along the entire length of the conveyor. In the case of an emergency, an operator can push or pull anywhere along the length of the cable to stop the conveyor. The cable can be run on one or both sides of the conveyor. The e-stop cable can be installed on new or existing DynaCon conveyors including Z conveyors, flat conveyors and angle conveyors. For more information, visit www.DynamicConveyor.com.