PMT Achieves Milestone With 45 Years in Business

PMT Achieves Milestone With 45 Years in Business

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Plastic Molding Technology, Inc. (PMT), based in El Paso, Texas, reached a milestone in 2018 by marking the company’s 45th year in business.

Plastic Molding Technology, Inc. (PMT), El Paso, Texas, reached a milestone year in 2018, marking the 45th anniversary of the company’s founding. PMT’s roots started in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1973, where Charles E. Sholtis founded the company with one molding press and rented space in an 1800s-era mill building. Over the years, Sholtis grew his business from a small prototype operation to a full-scale custom injection molding facility, eventually relocating the company to El Paso, Texas, in 2003.

PMT’s success has been molded by two generations of hands-on leadership. Retired Chairman Charles E. Sholtis instilled the strong solution-driven approach of the company, while building a leading engineering and design team. In 2014, Charles A. Sholtis took the helm of PMT. The younger Sholtis joined PMT more than two decades earlier after serving in the US Navy.

“As the second-generation leader, I take pride in the foundation my father established for PMT,” Sholtis said. “Today, we continue to honor the legacy my father built — along with his entrepreneurial spirit — while building up new capabilities and advancing PMT into the future. Through free enterprise, I have personally witnessed the American Dream that has helped fulfill the dreams of many immigrants here.” Sholtis said he remains focused on building a winning culture with all team members, exceeding customers’ expectations and ensuring PMT remains a great place to work.

Sholtis’ emphasis on customer relations and advanced technology has allowed PMT to enjoy significant growth. Under his leadership, PMT was named the Manufacturing Leadership Council’s 2014 Manufacturer of the Year, and the company received a 2015 Export Achievement Award from the US Department of Commerce. PMT’s many long-term customer relationships are the result of Sholtis’ commitment to quality, service, value, innovation and continuous improvement in all aspects of the business.

PMT operates in a state-of-the-art 60,000-square-foot facility that houses 59 injection molding machines, employs 120 people and produces 160MM parts per year with 24/7 operations.

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