Nicolet Plastics Acquires CNR Group

TruVenture Composites LLC, parent company of Nicolet Plastics LLC, Mountain, Wisconsin, has announced that Nicolet Plastics has completed the acquisition of CNR Group, LLC, which is located in Jackson, Wisconsin.

CNR Group provides an extension to the capabilities of Nicolet Plastics by focusing on smaller-tonnage injection molding and now will operate as CNR Plastics Division under Nicolet Plastics.

CNR Group was founded in 2010 by Bob and Cheri Albrecht as a producer of plastic injection molded parts for the medical, electronics, agricultural, industrial, consumer, dental and sporting goods industries. It produces such products as medical visor frames, packaging clips, lids and containers, consumer product components and many other components. CNR Group also offers custom assembly.

All employees of CNR Group have been retained and will continue with CNR Plastics Division. Following the acquisition, Bob and Cheri Albrecht also will remain with the company in their roles to manage CNR Plastics Division.

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