M. Holland Completes Move to Form New Gold Standard Distribution Center

M. Holland Completes Move to Form New Gold Standard Distribution Center

Plastics Business

Northbrook, Illinois-based M. Holland Company, a leading distributor of thermoplastic resins, announced July 26 it has completed its warehousing operations move from Northlake to a new facility in Coal City, Illinois, through its partnership with G&D Trucking/Hoffman Transportation. This move will provide the company with its largest Gold Standard Distribution Center (GSDC) to service clients at all major US ports. Coal City marks the 15th GSDC location for M. Holland.

Owned and operated by G&D Trucking/Hoffman Transportation, the new 400,000-square-foot facility provides paved access for nearly 800 rail cars and a fleet of bulk trucks. Services include warehousing, bulk transfer and packaging. With proximity to some of the largest intermodal yards in the world, M. Holland will have access to all major US ports for import and export opportunities. Operations now have transitioned fully to this GSDC location, and M. Holland expects an immediate and significant improvement in rail transit times.

“The transportation industry is experiencing unique challenges, such as trucker shortages and increased logistics costs,” said Pete Nutley, M. Holland’s vice president of operations. “We’ve been building long-term, strategic relationships with logistics partners like G&D Trucking/Hoffman Transportation to stay ahead of these challenges and deliver the best fulfillment services possible to our clients. We’re proud to be the shipper of choice for many of our clients, and this new GSDC will enhance our ability to provide best-in-class experiences to clients across North America and Latin America.”

“The full scale of operations the GSDC facility provides — transportation modes, bulk transfer and packaging — will create a national one-stop-shop for clients,” said Jordan Hoffman, vice president of G&D Trucking/Hoffman Transportation. “We’ve partnered with M. Holland for the past 30 years in transportation and warehousing, and we’ve been a mutual source of growth for our businesses. We look forward to the continued partnership and helping clients overcome tough industry conditions.”

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