PMT Invests in Plant Equipment

PMT Invests in Plant Equipment

Plastics Business

Plastic Molding Technology Inc. (PMT), El Paso, Texas, has invested in new all-electric injection molding machines, along with a crane system and auxiliary equipment, to support new projects and growth in key market segments.

Representing a move into a new tonnage range, PMT installed a 500-ton Toyo Si-500-6, which is the largest press at PMT. The Toyo has an integrated touchscreen Programmable Logic Control (PLC) system and is outfitted with 3-axis robotics and a Novatec dryer system. The press will support new projects with a current automotive customer, while growing PMT’s business offerings in molding larger parts for new and existing customers.

PMT also invested in two 200-ton EC200SXV50-8s from Toshiba Machine. The twin presses free up capacity for molding demand in this popular tonnage range and give PMT a boost of efficiency for technical molding applications. Both presses were outfitted with new auxiliary equipment, including Novatec NovaWheel desiccant dryers and custom 3-axis robotic cells.

Another factory investment PMT made to support new equipment was a 5-ton overhead crane system, installed to ensure safer and faster mold changeovers. With a lift capacity of up to 10,000 pounds, the crane system is the largest yet, supporting the 500-ton press and two existing 390-ton machines.

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