Yushin Introduces Concept Robot

Yushin Introduces Concept Robot

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Yushin America, Cranston, Rhode Island, has created a Cartesian full-servo robot.

Yushin America, Cranston, Rhode Island, has pooled its four decades of experience in the fields of industrial automation and robotics to create a Cartesian full-servo robot. Designed to work in conjunction with a standard take-out robot or as a stand-alone product, this design is suited for assembly, packaging and other secondary operations.

The dual arms are angled toward each other to maximize the robot’s cooperative abilities and somewhat mimic human arms for task collaboration. Strokes and payloads can be reconfigured to match any combination of the many configurations of Yushin’s standard robots. The single controller offers synchronous cooperative axes of motion, including full integration with auxiliary downstream equipment.

Each axis can be programmed to function independently or in combination of axes. The new programming language is a text-based program that will be an easy transition from Yushin’s FLX programming software. Abilities of this robot range from increasing the overall payload capacity of each arm by working as a pair to lift and manipulate heavy objects, to eliminating the need for stationary, dedicated nests by permitting “on-the-fly” handoff from one hand to another.

For more information, visit www.yushinamerica.com.