Association News: 2023 Issue 4

MAPP Announces 2023 Innovation Award Winners
MAPP has officially announced the 2023 MAPP Innovation Award winners focused on automated manufacturing solutions. The two subcategories for this year’s awards include: Smart Manufacturing Solutions (e.g., Lights Out, IoT, Industry 4.0, Remote Monitoring, etc.) and Labor Solutions (e.g., projects that have impacted the labor shortage or allowed for redeployment of labor).

Smart Manufacturing Solutions:

  1. Beaumont Advanced Processing
  2. Natech Plastics
  3. Noble Plastics

Labor Solutions:

  1. Texas Injection Molding
  2. Beacon Engineered Solutions
  3. Falcon Plastics

This is the ninth year for the MAPP Innovation Award, which was established to recognize innovative solutions to common issues. This award allows MAPP members to benchmark best practices by reviewing all member submissions, which are then shared in the 2023 Best Practices Book.

Smart Manufacturing Solutions winner, Beaumont Advanced Processing, is headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania. The Beaumont Advanced Processing team understood that many manufacturing roles require 24-hour operations. However, it did not have the workload to justify the hiring of the staff necessary for the third shift or weekend operations. So, Beaumont needed a way for its processing staff to inexpensively monitor off-shift hours and keep the presses running if an issue occurred. To resolve this issue in a cost-effective manner, Beaumont utilized a home security system to monitor the presses. The home security system had an app to notify all processors’ phones in the event of a press alarm or if the heat was turned off.

Labor Solutions winner, Houston-based Texas Injection Molding wanted to find a method to eliminate extra costs, manpower reduction, improve quality in installation and standardize the inspection of O-Rings.

To showcase some of these innovative solutions from the Innovation Award winners, and to reiterate the automation focus for the MAPP association, an Automation Hall was a new feature for the Benchmarking Conference. This Automation Hall was where MAPP’s thought leaders in automation exhibited their technological advancements and automated achievements. Attendees experienced the newest innovations and proven industrial automation solutions used in best-in-class facilities across the country. Attendees were able to find the industrial technologies to optimize their operations from the ground up.

A special thank you to AMCO Polymers for sponsoring the 2023 Innovation Award.

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Finance Forum 2023
Join other finance and accounting colleagues on November 29-30, at this unique virtual event designed to help address current benchmarks, best practices and challenges facing the manufacturing industry today. This event will include presentations by experienced industry professionals, facilitated panels and peer-to-peer networking opportunities with other manufacturing finance professionals, that will help deliver answers and solutions to some of the biggest questions and challenges in the industry.

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MAPP Member Annual Meeting
The MAPP Annual Meeting is held each year and brings together leaders from across the plastics industry to gain experience and insights from benchmarking, problem-solving and camaraderie that is the cornerstone of MAPP. Join MAPP members to learn updates on the state of the industry, the latest pulse report data and more on December 14, 2023.

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2023 Machine Rate Report
The purpose of the 2023 Machine Rate Report is to provide executives who operate in the plastics processing industry with benchmarking data for machine rates, markups for added services and capabilities and a variety of other benchmarks for injection molders. The original machine rate survey was introduced to the plastics processing industry in 2014 and is extensively evaluated and updated before each new launch, with the guidance of a committee comprised of senior-level leaders in the plastics industry.

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MAPP Welcomes New Members and Partners
MAPP is proud to welcome the following organizations:

  • PLEX, Troy, Michigan
  • Resin Technology, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas
  • Canon Virginia, Inc., Newport News, Virginia
  • Hoosier Pride Plastics, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • PM Plastic, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
  • PolyJohn Enterprises Corporation, Whiting, Indiana
  • Polymer Injection Molding, Palmer, Massachusetts
  • Crestwood Industries, Mundelein, Illinois
  • Motion Plastic Works, Wrens, Georgia