MAPP Offers Strategic Benchmarking Information

The MAPP organization continues to improve its focus on providing members with relevant, information-based reports and handbooks. These benchmarking documents allow MAPP members to be more informed, providing a competitive advantage in all areas of their operations. Like our members, MAPP is continuously working to produce information to help staff-level executives. In 2017, MAPP has already released the following benchmarking reports:

MAPP State of the Industry Report: The MAPP State of the Industry Report is available on the MAPP website. This report addresses approximately 40 different economic indicator questions, including sales forecasts, production backlog, quoting trends, material and production tooling information and new technologies. Participants in the study received the report at no cost, and the report is available for purchase on the MAPP website.

Safety Checklists: Members of MAPP’s human resources and EHS peer networking groups have commissioned a benchmarking study on current safety checklists utilized in plastics manufacturing companies. Although this study is a compilation of safety checklists used by members, it allows HR and EHS professionals to better understand best practices and to improve their own checklists.

Other upcoming benchmarking opportunities for 2017 include Health & Ancillary Benefits; Sales Management; Wage and Benefits; Machine Rate; Engineering and Value-Added Services; and Information Systems.

All benchmarking opportunities are listed on the MAPP calendar as they are launched, and benchmarking reports are available for download and purchase on the MAPP website.

Plant Tour Events Scheduled

MAPP’s plant tour events are designed to provide attendees with new ideas and paradigm-shifting information about the way operations are managed in their own businesses. When business leaders are able to see outside of their own facilities, they are offered an immediate opportunity to benchmark. MAPP’s proprietary facilitation and engagement process creates an experiential learning environment for all attendees.

MAPP will host the following plant tour events:

Hansen Plastics Corporation Thursday, May 18
Elgin, Illinois
Areas of focus: Employee ownership, process changes, value streams and lean culture

Revere Plastics Systems Thursday, Aug. 10
Clyde, Ohio
Areas of focus: Value-added services, molding processes (stack, two-short and overmolding), cellular manufacturing and process excellence

Interested processors can learn more and register at

MAPP Welcomes New Sponsors: Constellation and ProtoCAM

Constellation is a leading competitive retail and wholesale supplier of power, natural gas and energy products and services across the continental United States. Energy costs represent one of the top five operating costs for most businesses. Constellation can help companies achieve their energy purchasing goals with a custom energy strategy. Constellation’s tools and experts allow targets to be set based on a company’s business needs. Companies will receive the latest market information to find better ways to power their businesses.

ProtoCAM is a leading provider of value-added additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping services for customers in a wide variety of industries, including defense, aerospace, automotive, medical, architecture and consumer goods. For more than 20 years, engineers and product designers across the globe have turned to ProtoCAM to meet their prototyping needs. Why? Because ProtoCAM goes beyond additive manufacturing. With decades of experience and an obsessive commitment to service, the company works with customers every step of the way, ensuring that the finished pieces meet exact specifications – and perform exactly as expected. ProtoCAM offers stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), CNC-machined prototypes, 3D printing, urethane casting, rapid tooling, additive manufacturing, silicone RTV molds, investment castings, 3D CAD modeling and prototype development engineering.

Save the Date! Upcoming MAPP Events

2017 Environmental, Health & Safety Summit
July 19-20
Columbus, Ohio
Registration is open at

2017 Benchmarking & Best Practices Conference An Uncharted Journey
Oct. 11-13
Indianapolis, Indiana
Registration opening soon!