Manufacturers Association of Plastics Processors

MAPP to Debut Online Resin Price Benchmarking System

MAPP is excited to announce the development of a robust online resin benchmarking system. The system, set to debut in late spring, will allow members to see up-to-date data on costs across a wide family of resins, allowing purchasing managers to make more informed decisions. While MAPP has conducted resin benchmarking surveys in the past, this system will create ongoing benchmarks and will be available year-round.

“Resin costs make up a significant portion of a processor’s variable costs,” said MAPP President Mike Walter. “While this system will evolve over time, its development is an example of MAPP’s commitment to providing real, bottom-line value to members by developing benefits that address their most important issues.”

To participate in a focus group as MAPP works to improve the system, contact Managing Director Dustin McKissen via email at

MAPP Welcomes New Members

  • Pereles Bros., Inc.,Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Boston Scientific Corp.,Spencer, Indiana
  • Woodland Plastics Corp.,Addison, Illinois
  • Jackson Manufacturing, Inc.,Maquoketa, Iowa
  • Vital Plastics, Inc.,Baldwin, Wisconsin
  • All Service Plastics Molding, Inc.,Dayton, Ohio

MAPP Members Could Use Help

Continuous exchange of information, ideas and resources between members is the purpose of MAPP’s blog exchange. Impressive dialogues between business leaders have been archived on hundreds of Internet pages for immediate recall by MAPP members. All MAPP member executives strongly are encouraged to visit MAPP’s blog exchange to post opinions, ideas, strategies and lessons learned to those asking for input and help. In just a few minutes, MAPP members can log in to their MAPP account, hover over the Members tab and click “Communicate with Members.” MAPP’s vision is to grow and strengthen relationships between members – any assistance that can be provided from one member to another is greatly appreciated.

Upcoming Events

Mar. 5
EHS Webinar: Developing Site-Specific Safety Plans

Mar. 10
SOLD OUT: Team 1 Plant Tour Event – Albion, Michigan

Mar. 23-27
NPE 2015 (Booth #S11041) – Orlando, Florida

May 21
Intertech Plastics Plant Tour Event – Denver, Colorado

June 10-11
Environmental, Health and Safety Summit – Columbus, Ohio

Oct. 22-23
Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference – Indianapolis, Indiana

Spotlight on MAPP Partner IQMS

For more than 25 years, IQMS has been developing manufacturing-specific ERP and MES software. With roots in the plastics industry, IQMS knows your business. The top five reasons IQMS rises to the top of the ERP selection process for plastics-specific manufacturers are as follows:

Industry-Specific: IQMS offers tools and features that solve each processor’s unique challenges, including real-time production monitoring, multi-level BOMs, detailed finite scheduling, multi-tool and family tool functionality, regrind usage and consumption features, plus many more.

Multi-Process Manufacturing Execution: IQMS automates every step on the shop floor, from raw materials through fabrication, assembly and shipping for all manufacturing operations.

Comprehensive ERP: Financial management, MRP, order management, supply chain management, quality management and more are all in one system, with one central database.

Real-Time Data: With no batch transfers or end-of-shift production reports to re-key, IQMS offers instantaneous collection of production data for real-time analysis and proactive decision making.

Complete Software Solution: Mobile apps, HR, CRM, eCommerce and BI dashboards keep each facility modern and competitive.

MAPP has considered IQMS a valuable partner for nearly a decade. Learn why more than one-third of all MAPP members have selected IQMS over another ERP solution, in their own words.

“We have grown with IQMS since 2003. In that time, I firmly believe that our success is part and parcel due to the ease of use and vast capabilities that are built into the package. If you are looking for a piece of software that can help you run your business and streamline your processes, look no further than IQMS.”
Custom Profile, MAPP member since 2003

“IQMS is an outstanding ERP system for plastics manufacturers. IQMS replaced multiple independent systems in our organization, including MRP, real time, reporting, asset management, preventative maintenance and more. With a limited IT staff, it was very difficult to manage and maintain our systems until replacing it all with IQMS.”
Intertech Plastics, MAPP member since 2012

“The wealth of data in IQMS is easy to locate, report and analyze. At a click of the mouse, we have real, concrete data that can drive almost every business and resource planning decision we have to make on a day-to-day basis. We also can run future utilization models and profitability reports, which allow us to have a confident plan for the future.”
Plastic Components Inc., MAPP member since 2005

“IQMS is an excellent ERP system. I would recommend it to any customer who is looking for a solid ERP system.”
Precision Custom Products, Inc., MAPP member since 2004

Interested in learning more about IQMS? Visit IQMS at NPE2015, Booth #W4489, or