FiberGraf Materials Launches New Website

Plastics Business

FiberGraf Materials, Nashport, OH, has given a fresh look to its website with expanded product information and simplified navigation. Detailed categorization helps users educate themselves’ about GrafMat.

FiberGraf Materials offers a carbon fiber particulate that is bonded together with a carbonized resin. The particulate is small enough so that it can be dispensed uniformly in various thermoset and thermoplastic resin systems. This allows the user to tailor blend the GrafMat so it’s high performance thermal and electrical properties can be used.

The new web experience includes FLIR images, video links, downloadable information and practical data. A broad view of the industries leading 3D additive is the focus of the new web site. A detailed explanation of particle ranges and densities gives the user a clear understanding of GrafMat’s benefit. Specific material attributes can be tailored for individual application requirements.

Social medial links on the home page allow users to stay current on new applications, new products and successes. Trade shows will be listed here along with other important updates.

For more information, call 740.408.6564 or visit