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MAPP Plant Tour Event Comes to Alabama

Speed, Speed, Speed… this plant tour event is about one company’s quest for increased speed and improved quality. Most executives understand that the goal of reducing cycle time often is accompanied by decreases in product quality. Succeeding in one area, but failing in another is a risk for many, but not for KW Plastics. In the last two years, manufacturing professionals at KW Plastics have reduced cycle times on the injection molded products by 16 percent – or an additional 2,000,000 parts per year per machine – and, on top of that, have actually improved quality levels.

With the understanding that every ½-second improvement produces nearly 500,000 additional parts per machine running three shifts in a standard year, handling even minimal quality issues turned into a major feat. By utilizing the latest in machine/mold base monitoring and implementing 100 percent inspection via visual control, the executives at KW Plastics saw the need to measure their quality in PPBs (Parts per Billion), rather than the standard PPMs. To most processing professionals, this alone is an amazing accomplishment. KW Plastics takes it further by also utilizing 100 percent recycled material in all of its products while still maintaining critical tolerances.

KW Plastics (Troy, AL)
Measuring Parts per Billion… the Next Level of Quality
Thursday, February 21, 2013

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MAPP Unveils 2013 Sales and Management Survey

The MAPP organization has completed its Sales and Management Survey for 2013, with a Member survey completion rate of 84 percent. The purpose of conducting this survey was to collect and report on industry norms associated with how companies manage their sales and the sales process. This Sales Management Benchmarking Report provides various data and information on training, methods of landing new sales, internal and external commission rate structures, utilization of sales representatives and much more. The final report now is available free to members online via (under the Members tab, then Benchmarking Reports). This report is available to non-Members for purchase online at under the Publications tab. Membership information also can be found on the site.

MAPP Program Adds $1.0 Million in Leverage

Since 1998, purchasing volume in MAPP’s MRO Discount Program with W.W. Grainger has grown nearly eleven (11) times its original size. Ending last year with aggregate buying power of over $5,500,000, now over 75 percent of MAPP Members generate savings that significantly exceed their annual membership dues payment. “Many of our member companies that have strategically aligned with Grainger realized a return on investment on their dues between 10-41 times,” states Troy Nix, executive director of MAPP. Rick Walters, president of Dekalb Molded Plastics, indicated in a recent interview: “Dekalb’s return on investment with the savings generated just from the free-freight portion of the MAPP program alone pays for our annual dues. When I factor in total product and service savings, which should equate to nearly $9,000 this year, it makes being a Member of MAPP just that much more important for my organization!”

According to Scott Harte, Grainger’s national account manager, many MAPP Members utilize specialized inventory programs that reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Grainger’s KeepStock® Inventory Management Solutions continually impact MAPP Members. Regardless of the business size, Grainger’s KeepStock® Solutions program works to remove extra costs from inventory by performing the following functions:

  • Optimizing inventory levels and reducing excess product stock and stock-outs
  • Improving control and organization of inventory
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency with a streamlined purchasing process
  • Reducing procurement costs for frequently purchased MRO items

MAPP Members soon will be receiving their 2012 annualized Grainger ROI statements for both freight and product savings. Those wanting to know more about Grainger’s inventory management solutions should contact Scott Harte at

MAPP Adds to Its Board of Directors

To gain additional representation from its membership base, MAPP expanded its board of directors in 2012, adding more senior-level processing executives and industry professionals. “Our aim is to ensure we are receiving proper guidance and feedback from those we serve,” stated Kelly Goodsel, MAPP’s current president of the board. “Since MAPP is a processor-driven organization, our Members rely on the board of directors to make the appropriate decisions about new programs, services and enhancements to their membership benefits. As an example, MAPP’s board made the decision to create and host quarterly functional area exchange meetings for staff-level executives in order to expand their resource bases and to help them take advantage of the co-mingled experience of their individual groups. These exchanges for human resources, purchasing, operations and sales and marketing professionals allow individuals to talk on a regular basis about issues that matter to them. It’s an incredible benefit and also is free to our membership base.”

Board members added to MAPP’s leadership team include the following individuals:

  • Bill Bartlett, First American Plastics/Quad Inc.
  • Norm Forest, Dymotek Molding Technologies
  • Matt Groleau, RJG, Inc.
  • James Krause, Microplastics, Inc.
  • Eric Paules, Crescent Industries

Returning board members are as follows:

  • Tom Boyd, Blow Molded Specialties
  • Dan Cunningham, Parish Manufacturing
  • Kelly Goodsel, Viking Plastics
  • Lindsey Hahn, Metro Plastics Technologies
  • Laurie Harbour, Harbour Results, Inc.
  • Ben Harp, Polymer Conversions, Inc.
  • Bob Holbrook, Viking Plastics
  • John Passanisi, PRD, Inc.
  • Jeff Randa, PolyOne Distribution
  • Alan Rothenbuecher, ICE Miller LLP
  • Scott Titzer, Infinity CleanRoom Solutions
  • Mike Walter, MET Plastics, Inc.
  • Rick Walters, DeKalb Molded Plastics
  • Roger Williams, Royer Corp.
  • Wendy Wloszek, Industrial Mold & Machine

MAPP’s board of directors meets on a quarterly basis at its Members’ locations across the United States to review strategy and ensure execution of its operating mission.

Upcoming Events

Feb. 1 – Senior Leaders Member Exchange

Feb. 8 – Human Resources Member Exchange

Feb. 15 – Sales and Marketing Member Exchange

Feb. 21 – KW Plastics Plant Tour

Feb. 27 – Mergers and Acquisitions Webinar

May 3 – Senior Leaders Member Exchange

May 10 – Human Resources Member Exchange

May 15 – Quad Plant Tour

May 17 – Sales and Marketing Member Exchange

Aug. 15 – Dymotek Plant Tour

Oct. 17-18 – Benchmarking Conference

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