Shimadzu Introduces User-Friendly CT System

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Columbia, Maryland, introduced the XSeeker™ 8000 bench-top X-ray computed tomography (CT) system, the smallest and lightest instrument in its X-ray output class.

The XSeeker™ 8000 features a 160-kV high-output X-ray source that enables observations of thick, hard-to-penetrate plastic parts, as well as aluminum die cast and other metal components. The XSeeker™ 8000 has four pre-set scan conditions. These four options incorporate a combination of material density and CT image quality settings. The standard software includes both cross-sectional and 3D volume rendering viewers, enabling more intuitive observations coordinated with the cross-sectional display function. All processes of repetitive scanning in inspection applications – from the start of scanning to observing cross sections of interest are available at the push of a single button.

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