PCS Company Launches Mold Storage Racks

PCS Company, Fraser, Michigan, a supplier of mold bases, mold components and molding supplies, has launched its Mold Storage Racks that offer practical storage solutions and are safe and give easy access to molds and supplies.

Built to last, the space-saving storage racks have multiple standard features to support and protect valuable molds, dies, components and auxiliary equipment, in addition to protecting the employees who use them.

“Storage space for molds, components and auxiliary equipment is often at a premium for many mold manufacturing facilities,” said Kory Kline, director of marketing for PCS Company. “In addition, shop personnel should be able to work safely and efficiently. PCS Mold Storage Racks helps them accomplish both space savings and safe, easy access to the molds and supplies they need to get the job done.”

Notable features of PCS’s Mold Storage Racks include:

  • Shelf capacity, including the fixed top shelf, holds up to 4,000 lbs.
  • Four shelves per rack with adjustable heights.
  • Accessible by crane or hoist because shelves offer secure, 100% extension from the front.
  • Eight durable, powder-coated finishes to choose from (grey is standard).
  • Add-on racks are available to increase storage capacity, as needed.

Additional safety accessory options include auto-lock features to prevent more than one shelf from being extended at the same time; lock-out feature to prevent a shelf from moving during access; enclosed racks on backs and sides for added security (doors may also be added to the front); and shelf lips to prevent round or tubular stock from rolling off of a shelf.

PCS Mold Storage Racks are custom-built depending on various options such as height, depth, capacity per shelf and color. The storage racks can also be ordered as rear-loadable and bi-directional. Ask your PCS representative for details.

For more information, visit www.pcs-company.com/mold-storage-racks.