MAPP 2023 Safety Award Winners

The Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors (MAPP), Indianapolis, Indiana, announced the 2023 Safety Award Winners, who were honored during the 2023 Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Summit on May 24-25 in Columbus, Ohio.

The prestigious Safety Awards Program consists of two awards: The Safety Achievement Award and The Safety Best Practice Award.

The Safety Achievement Award is a way to recognize safety in the industry and award facilities that have achieved a level of safety performance above the industry average. Awards are based on data reported on a company’s annual OSHA 300 Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses.

Winners are as follows:

Gold Safety Award

Demgy Chicago (Elk Grove Village, Illinois)

Noble Plastics (Grand Coteau, Louisiana)

Plastic Molding Technology (Centennial, Colorado)

Plastikos Medical (Erie, Pennsylvania)

PTG Silicones (New Albany, Indiana)

Silver Safety Award

Plastikos (Erie, Pennsylvania)

Reed City Group, LLC (Reed City, Michigan)

Sussex IM (Sussex, Wisconsin)

Honorable Mention Award

Agape Plastics (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

TASUS Corporation (Florence, Alabama)

In addition, the Safety Best Practice Award is a way to recognize the best practices that organizations have implemented to increase overall safety. Award submissions range from employee safety training and emergency training to tracking safety methods and mold change safety.

MAPP is honored to recognize Davies Molding (1st place), Ironwood Plastics (2nd place) and PTA Plastics (3rd place) with a Safety Best Practices Award. These winners were voted on by the MAPP membership and is a testament to the time, effort and investments these organizations are making to keep their employees safe.

“The Safety Awards Program recognizes leaders in the plastics industry for committing to and achieving excellence in safety and health. These companies are making safety a top priority and have gone above and beyond to ensure their most valuable asset – their employees – are safe on the job. Congratulations to all of our 2023 Safety Award Winners!” said Troy Nix, MAPP’s executive director.

The Environmental Health and Safety Summit is an annual event designed to share best leadership and safety practices with industry professionals hoping to achieve world-class safety within their companies.

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