Globeius Showcases Hot Tip Sprue Cleaner

Globeius Inc., Miami, Florida, is showcasing its hot tip sprue cleaner, a flexible, hand-held tool for melting thermoplastics from plugged sprues and nozzles. It brings sprues and nozzles back to production-ready life, quickly and safely.

Nothing can bog down the production of plastic parts faster or cause more downtime than clogged hot sprue bushing and nozzle tips. These critical components require care when being PM’d or repaired and are costly to replace. Globeius offers a fast and convenient way to eliminate those clogs, in some cases without the need to remove the mold from the press.

Simply squeeze the trigger, and within 10 seconds, the powerful heater heats the tip to 350° C (662° F), melting away the obstructive clog.

Equipped with a timer shut-off feature to protect from overheating, the Hot Tip Sprue Cleaner also features three differently configured copper tips to suit the application, a flexible arm and a 2.5-meter (over eight feet) cord for easier access to the plugged sprues and nozzle tips.

“This is an affordable and very effective tool that every molding shop maintenance department should have,” said Graeme Sands, general manager of Globeius. “Traditional methods used for melting frozen plastic in gates including acetylene torches, are less safe and do not work as well.”

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