Trexel Expands MuCell® Blow Molding Technology

Trexel, Inc., Wilmington, Massachusetts, a leader in providing light-weighting solutions to plastic injection molders and automotive blow molders has recently extended its license and royalty-free Trexel MuCell® foaming solution to blow-molded components across other industries.

The Trexel MuCell® B-Series SCF (Supercritical fluid) delivery system is a state-of-the-art CE marked dosing unit designed specifically for blow molding applications. It is designed to convert industrial-grade nitrogen into supercritical fluid. The supercritical fluid (N2) ensures that there is the solubility of a liquid and diffusivity of a gas. This maximizes the efficiency and promotes low amounts of N2 in the parison allowing for the largest processing window. The B-Series SCF delivery system is available in two configurations and two sizes: B-120 or B-320 – for continuous screw rotation, accumulator head and extrusion blow molding; and B-100 or B-300 – for intermittent screw rotation, accumulator head blow-molding.

Trexel is working with several brand owners to incorporate physical foaming technology to reduce product weight (20% weight reductions without compromising impact strength and product performance), decrease energy costs and lower resin consumption while maintaining required product function requirements.

David Bernstein, interim CEO of Trexel, Inc. commented: “Trexel’s know-how, our specialized gas delivery system and our proprietary process package combine to deliver results which were not previously attainable to these markets. We are bringing an efficient sustainability solution to markets that are eagerly searching for ways to reduce their environmental impact.”

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