Portable Alligator Shear Reduces Oversized Plastic Scrap

To efficiently reduce oversize plastic materials before shredding, BCA Industries, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has developed a portable PGS100 hydraulic shear, which enables processors to shear any plastic object up to 48” in diameter.

Recycling oversized scrap or defective plastic products such as garbage cans, storage bins or wash tubs can be challenging to both processors and OEMs. Since shredders are designed for specific material types and sizes, their cost correlates not only with their power but also with the maximum size of material to be shredded. So, when shredding oversized plastic scrap or defective product is necessary, an initial size reduction step with a separate shear system is often the solution. The concept is simple: Reduce the material to a more manageable size, and then process it through more affordable, small and midsized shredders. This lowers operating costs and eliminates the need to transport bulky or long items intact to other locations for shredding.

To this end, the portable, gas-powered, hydraulic alligator shear can quickly cut oversized plastic items into smaller pieces so they can be shredded, reused for production, or hauled away to landfills.

The hydraulic shear’s 26.5 HP hydraulic drive provides the power to automatically lift large or bulky plastic objects onto a mobile platform and shear them into more manageable sized pieces. This enables easy shearing with minimal lifting and/or manual handling. The portable shear needs only one person to operate it. To increase safety, the shear requires the use of two hands, ensuring the equipment activates only when the operator is ready.

For more information, visit www.bca-industries.com.