Maguire Releases New Equipment

WSB-600 Series

Maguire, Aston, Pennsylvania, added the Weigh Scale Blender (WSB) 600 Series of gravimetric blenders for mid-range throughput applications to its line, which includes over 150 configurations suited to every process and application requirement.

The WSB-600 Series blenders can dispense up to 12 different components including pellets, powders and liquids to poorly flowing ingredients like regrind, flake, wood flour and talc filler. Each ingredient hopper has a dispensing device designed for a material in a specific form. The new blenders can be outfitted with up to six large-component slide gates for dispensing major ingredients, along with any combination of large corner valves (11,000 g/sec), 4″ vertical valves (2,000 g/sec), 2″ vertical valves (400 g/sec), auger feeders and liquid color pumps.

“By providing the same flexibility as the 1200, 2400 and 3000 Series units for dispensing up to six large-component ingredients, the WSB-600 Series blenders enable processors working in a somewhat smaller throughput range to meet growing demand for products that incorporate regrind and PCR along with virgin resin,” said Frank Kavanagh, vice president of marketing and sales. “And like all Maguire blenders across the throughput range, the 600 Series WSBs provide batch-to-batch accuracy of 0.1%.”

New Feeder Line

In addition, Maguire introduced a new feeder line that can be configured in any optimal way to accommodate various processing requirements. The new feeder models (MGF+, MGF+ 100X, MGF+ 100L and MGF+ 100B) allow for up to four different size auger feeders, all located on one mounting frame, using a single common touch screen control. In addition to the feeder line, Maguire also adds a Volumetric Feeder (MVF). The feeder models provide ultimate flexibility for injection molding, extrusion, blow bolding and extrusion control applications.

The Maguire MGF+ line incorporates the standard gravimetric feeder options, with the flexibility to dispense multiple additives and materials within one frame and one controller. The center hopper dispenses virgin material. For each unique feeder, the dispensed material is measured precisely and accurately to maintain the correct desired percentage.

The Maguire MGF+ 100X takes the process control a step further by including an extrusion control package. This model is used exclusively for extrusion applications and streamlines the entire process. It includes the center loss-in-weight (LIW) hopper along with up to four auger feeders. The target throughput is set on the controller and when the operator switches to automatic mode, the controller will adjust the extruder drive to maintain target weight per hour and/or weight per length.

The Maguire MGF+ 100L is ideally used for extrusion applications and includes a virgin hopper that is on a pair of load cells where 100% of materials weighed and additive components are ratioed to the primary component, regardless of changing throughput.

The MGF+ 100B is typically used in injection molding applications. With no center hopper, materials must run through the feeders. This model includes a material collection bin with a level sensor that maintains material level by activating the dispense of the materials on demand.

The MVF is designed for simple volumetric dosing of color concentrate and/or additive material. It utilizes a simple setpoint control and a stepper motor to provide consistent letdown ratio without any use of load cells. Conversion kits are available for upgrade to full gravimetric capability.

Maguire Gravimetric and Volumetric feeders are backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty. For more information,