LS Mtron Releases New Injection Molding Machine

LS Mtron, Norcross, Georgia, has released its newest injection molding machine, the ONE*-E. The ONE*-E is an all-electric injection molding machine that features a new toggle-link design for fast speeds. The ONE*-E is ideal for high-cavitation, high-speed and thinwall molding, which is typical in packaging and medical part applications. It is Industry 4.0 ready, offering users LS Mtron’s CSI monitoring and control software for retrieving and controlling data.

The new line of machines is available in five sizes: 120, 140, 190, 310 and 390 US tons. LS Mtron plans to introduce four additional models later this year. The machines achieve fast cycles and precise molding due to the implementation of a new, optimized toggle mechanism. This allows from 30% faster link speed ration and a dry cycle time of 1.49 seconds. In addition, the ONE*-E features a smaller footprint, with an overall reduced measurement of 172mm from the size of the existing model.

The ONE*-E features a rigid, one-piece casting structure that provides durability and injection control. This reduces the vibration or shock of the machines and shortens the injection acceleration time for thinwall molding by almost four times, from 78ms to 20ms.

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