SABIC Takes Part in Thermoplastic Recycling Study

SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry based in Houston, Texas, has conducted a joint study with Local Motors on the feasibility of recycling scrap thermoplastic parts and shavings from the 3D printing process.

With the desire to improve the circularity of large format additive manufacturing (LFAM), the study explored more sustainable alternatives to landfilling large, printed parts. It included analyzing the printability and mechanical properties of SABIC’s LNP™ THERMOCOMP™ AM reinforced compound, used by Local Motors, after being printed, reclaimed, ground and reprocessed into pellet form.

The insights from this study aim to help identify a feasible path to circularity and an extended lifecycle for materials used by the LFAM industry. Both post-industrial and post-consumer scrap materials offer potential for reuse; however, existing gaps in the recycling value chain need to be filled before this process can be viable.

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