Pyramid Molding Group Debuts as Parent Company to Industrial Molds and Pyramid Plastics

To increase value to new and existing customers, Industrial Molds and Pyramid Plastics unite under one brand, Pyramid Molding Group, Rockford, Illinois. Pyramid Molding Group allows for flexibility in the plastics industry to offer solutions that meet customers’ needs within the plastics manufacturing process. From a comprehensive program to a more targeted production project, it is ready to maximize the overall value for its customer.

For more than 50 years, Industrial Molds and Pyramid Plastics have been in business under individual names and brands. Industrial Molds designs, engineers and manufactures the tooling necessary for plastic injection molding presses. Pyramid Plastics is a custom injection molding facility and contract manufacturer that offer a range of secondary operations. Customers can have the advantage of a single-source plastics provider from idea to shelf or anywhere in between.

Since becoming COO, Andrew Peterson has set a vision to maximize the efficiency and communication within the teams to create more efficient, cost-effective solutions for customers. One strategy has been to reconfigure the account management processes. The outcome has proven to be beneficial for customers.

Director of engineering Randy Hanson stated that pooling resources and streamlining operations has created stronger relationships with customers. The group’s account managers have strong engineering backgrounds and are well versed across both mold builder and injection molding industries, which has enhanced the quality and efficiency of the products and services it offers.

The launch of Pyramid Molding Group has led to an overall company rebranding strategy including logos, taglines and websites for Pyramid Molding Group, Industrial Molds and Pyramid Plastics.

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