Plastic Parts Inc. Honored in “We’re All Innovating” Contest

Plastic Parts Inc., Union Grove, Wisconsin, has been announced by Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers as one of the winners in the “We’re All Innovating” contest. The contest was created by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to recognize and promote the creative ways startups and small businesses are adapting and responding to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plastic Parts Inc. has specialized in custom injection-molding for over 50 years. Recognizing the need for more US-based personal protective equipment production to combat COVID-19, Plastic Parts Inc. rose to the challenge by manufacturing and distributing face shields. Because most shields in use at the time were single use items, Plastic Parts was committed to a more ecological solution. Their multi-use product was made using recycled plastic resin, making it earth-friendly.

“Wisconsin is known for its can-do spirit and its big ideas,” said Evers. “The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired businesses to find new ways to fight the virus, operate their businesses and meet the needs of our community. After looking at these winning projects, I’m truly in awe of these folks’ ingenuity, imagination and creativity. So pleased that the We’re All Innovating Contest is able to support those businesses who have taken it to the next level and those individuals who own, run or started businesses to take COVID-19 on. They have hustled to meet their customers’ needs and anticipated what new ones might be.”

Jill Osiecki, vice president of Plastic Parts, said: “I was working on the application deadline thinking, what are our chances of being one of the winners. Then I thought, we have done a good thing, we cared about what was going on with the pandemic, and we did something about it. How amazing to learn we were one of the contest winners. We are honored. In a time when American manufacturing and know-how matter more than ever, our father, who started this company when US manufacturing led the world, would be proud that we are putting our own people first.”

The judges selected winners in three major categories:

  • Technology innovation to address COVID-19 impacts on health.
  • Technology innovation to address COVID-19 impacts on businesses.
  • Service and business operation innovations to respond to COVID-19 disruption.

Plastic Parts Inc. was a winner in the category “Technology innovation to address COVID-19 impacts on health.”

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