Intertech Receives MedAccred® Accreditation

Intertech Plastics, LLC (Intertech), Denver, Colorado, an injection molding company, has announced that its Medical Division received the MedAccred® injection molding, over molding and mechanical assembly accreditations. MedAccred, administered by Performance Review Institute, is an industry managed, consensus-driven approach to ensuring critical manufacturing process quality throughout the medical device supply chain.

The important designation identifies and verifies compliance to critical manufacturing process requirements, positioning Intertech in a select group of injection molders that have been endorsed to serve the medical industry. The accreditation is validation of Intertech’s award-winning manufacturing processes that deliver solutions focused on quality, consistency and repeatability. It provides medical device OEMs confidence in the company’s ability to meet industry expectations and requirements.

Intertech continues to invest in its medical facility to better meet the needs of the medical device industry and support future growth. In October 2020, the company announced the approval of a $2 million expansion and improvement initiative to increase cleanroom production capabilities. These improvements will support nine additional 300-ton machines, add gowning and anterooms, and add LED lighting and a HEPA HVAC filtration system.

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