Frigel Introduces Self-Contained Portable Air-Cooled Chillers

Frigel, a maker of intelligent process cooling systems with US headquarters in East Dundee, Illinois, has announced that for the first time it is introducing air-cooled portable chillers into its product line. In entering this market sector, the company does so with a line that outperforms currently available air-cooled chillers. The industry’s highest energy efficiency ratio is among the unique advantages for customers.

With chilling capacities from 3.5 to 15.5 tons, the eight-model product line has the broadest operating temperature range available today, from 23°F to 77°F. In addition, the MRS chillers are designed for indoor and outdoor applications.

Designed for maximum ambient temperatures from 113°F to 122°F, the chillers offer high performance at high ambient conditions. The chillers also outperform competitive models in low ambient conditions using brushless fans with speed control to prevent chillers from shutting down in cold temperatures. This enables manufacturers in cold weather environments to move chillers outdoors, freeing up capacity on the shop floor for production.

The MRS unique condenser design also offers customers several measurable operational advantages. With dB(A) ratings of 48 to 58, the MRS is the quietest chiller on the market with fans that eliminate problems associated with dB(A) ratings greater than 85. Designed with flat tubes and small channels for refrigerant flow, the chillers contain the most environmentally friendly refrigerant systems, using less refrigerant and reducing fan operating costs. In addition, the condenser sections are isolated, thus allowing them to be pressure washed without shutdown.

Standard with the product line is its non-ferrous water contact surfaces design that features stainless steel brazed plate evaporators and pumps with stainless steel coolant contact surfaces. Non-ferrous water contact surfaces prevent rust from impacting chiller performance.

Customers also can take advantage of Frigel’s modular design which enables them to expand their cooling capabilities as their needs change – creating a centralized chilling system as air-cooled chillers are integrated.

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