Conair Introduces SmartFLX™ Conveying Control

Conair Group, Cranberry Twp, Pennsylvania, which offers auxiliary equipment solutions to plastics processors, offers the new SmartFLX™ conveying control. The control introduces a system architecture with a more powerful PLC processor, faster and clearer communications, a Universal I/O panel structure and an intelligent configurator that simplifies and reduces costs for system design and installation, system expansion and remote diagnostics. By leveraging these improvements, many users will be able to adopt the SmartFLX system at a lower capital cost and with lower long-term operating costs than current FLX-128 systems.

A 10″ high-resolution color monitor displays the SmartFLX user interface, the product of extensive user testing, optimizes menu presentation and keystrokes associated with common user tasks. The interface incorporates a context-sensitive help system that provides specific instructions for each screen presentation. It operates atop a new PLC processor and software, with all system intelligence centralized in the system’s main panel for easy, single-point software upgrades.

Also unique to the SmartFLX system is a software-based system configurator that simplifies everything from system design and ordering, to installation and expansion, to operations and maintenance/troubleshooting. When provided with initial conveying system and equipment requirements, the configurator can automatically develop an optimized conveying system plan, delivered in a set of current, complete system configuration files. These revision-controlled files can then be used to generate a complete bill of materials, suitable for project ordering, plus detailed electrical schematics and “point to point” I/O maps to guide installation and wiring.

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