Chem-Trend Offers On-the-Fly Purging with Ultra Purge™ 100X

Chem-Trend, Howell, Michigan, a provider of purging compounds, mold maintenance products and other process chemical specialties, has announced a series of products called Ultra Purge™ 100X – highly efficient for purging thin-wall packaging single face tools and stack tools.

As packaging manufacturers work to use fewer materials and create less waste, thin-wall packaging continues to increase in demand, yet comes with its own inherent challenges.

Purging (cleaning between cycles) of these tools/molds typically is inefficient at removing residue and color from the hot runners. To combat this, Ultra Purge™ 100X has been designed to purge the machine “on the fly,” meaning that no machine settings need to be changed and no soak time is required during the purging process. As a result, Ultra Purge™ 100X helps reduce machine downtime when performing dark to light color changes for all polyolefin resins.

Customers typically see a 50-75% reduction in downtime and associated scrap compared to purging machines with virgin resin or regrind. Ultra Purge™ 100X also removes carbon buildup from hot runners and screw/barrel.

Andrew Reeder, field sales manager-thermoplastics at Chem-Trend North America, described Ultra Purge™ as a perfect representation of how Chem-Trend helps its customers by solving a challenge, creating more efficiency and productivity, and ensuring a more consistent end product – all while reducing waste. The company helped a thin-wall packaging injection molder customer quickly and efficiently change colors from blue to white on their line. Before making the switch, residual blue was creating downtime, delay and waste.

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