Brown Machine Group Launches BMG Advanced Digital Readiness™ Platform

Brown Machine Group (BMG), Beaverton, Michigan, has announced the launch of the BMG Advanced Digital Readiness™ (BMG ADR™) platform, a web- and app-based portal to access important process data in thermoforming and product handling applications. Available with new installations and as a retrofit for most BMG machinery from the past several decades, ADR enables operators, maintenance personnel, operations teams and executive leadership to interface with equipment securely and in real time.

The new BMG ADR™ platform is customizable to meet individual requirements, with unlimited custom alerts by text message or email, for a wide range of possible alarm conditions. By customizing the ADR tool to their specific needs, users can review how critical assets are running, analyze unplanned downtime and improve operations through notifications when user-defined parameters are out of range.

The BMG ADR™ platform, available from anywhere via web browser or proprietary app, features enhanced security with automatic updates and allows customer-defined digital access to enable remote service sessions. Dedicated staff at Brown Machine Group will be available to provide training and support, helping users make the most of the platform’s instantaneous feedback, customizability and endless reporting functionality. The platform, based upon ei3’s proven solution for manufacturing, is the first of its kind in BMG’s markets and heralds a new age of secure connectivity and IIoT-based information to ensure maximum uptime and efficiency.

John Block, vice president of purchasing and customer service stated: “This year’s pandemic has emphasized just how important building smart equipment and enhancing our remote service offering is. Although we were headed down the path to smart equipment prior to the pandemic, it accelerated our plans as customers need this technology.”

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