Absolute Haitian Offers Three Options for 2021

Absolute Haitian, Worcester, Massachusetts, the exclusive sales and service partner in the US and Canada for Ningbo Haitian Machinery Co., Ltd., has announced new options for 2021: Zhafir Multi multi-component molding machines, add-on injection units from Absolute Haitian and the third generation of Haitian and Zhafir injection molding machines (IMMs).

The Zhafir Multi electric machines include the Zeres, Venus and two-platen Jenius Series. The second opportunity, add-on injection units flexibly equip standard molding machines.

Both the Zhafir Multi and the add-on injection units give molders interested in entering the market for parts with multi-color or multi-material design requirements a more affordable solution.

The new Zhafir Multi electric multi-component machines complement the Haitian Iapetus II Series, a servo-hydraulic multi machine long on offer from Absolute Haitian (available from 135 to 2,079 US tons).

Absolute Haitian’s new electric multi solutions offer flexible configurations along with the advantages of electric machine technology: precision, low noise, energy savings and maintenance-friendly. With the latest control technology, the Zhafir Multi machines can be easily integrated into upstream and downstream automation production processes.

Features of the Zhafir Multi product lines (ZE III M, VE III M and JE III M) include:

  • Configurations including horizontal “L,” vertical, parallel, piggyback and opposing placement of the second injection unit.
  • Available for the Zeres electric and Venus all-electric from 1,200 to 6,500 kN (135 to 731 US tons) and up to 33,000 kN (3,709 US tons) for the hybrid two-platen Jenius.
  • Shot sizes from 19.1 grams (0.67 ounces) to 980 grams (34.57 ounces) are available for the Zeres and Venus Series. Larger shot sizes are specified for the Jenius Series upon request.
  • Control technology designed for easy operation of multi-component processes through a user-friendly arrangement of key buttons for the injection process of the additional unit.
  • Connectivity Plus to support interaction with peripherals, automation and for integration into MES systems.

Add-on injection units

The cost of a dedicated multi-component machine can deter molders from entering the market for multi-material parts. The availability of injection units that can be pulled up to standard molding machines of any make provide molders with a more flexible option.

  • The add-on injection units are available in horizontal “L” and vertical configurations.
  • The add-on option can be used flexibly so that the machine can operate as a standard single-shot machine or multi-shot machine.
  • These “Plug & Play” injection units are designed as independent modular components with their own power and drive sources. They can be adapted to different machine models for use across several machines on the production floor.
  • They are available in shot sizes from 0.7 ounces to 8.3 ounces.

Zhafir Third Generation – a New Opportunity for Electrics

The Zhafir family of electric IMMs serves the market with clamping forces from 44 to 3,709 US tons (400 to 33,000 kN). Solutions include toggle and two-platen clamp configurations. The precise, energy-saving models can be used in a wide range of applications from medical cleanrooms to large, complex automotive components.

The latest generation of the electric Zeres III and all-electric Venus III offers new developments in hardware and software. Software improvements include optimized drive control (Motion Plus) and an open integration strategy (Connectivity Plus) for robotics and automation to increase the scope for processing and production. Hardware upgrades to the clamp and injection unit continue to follow Haitian and Zhafir’s philosophy of designing products around standardized components, instead of proprietary components. This increases parts availability, deceases downtime and greatly reduces the cost of ownership.

The third-generation Zhafir models are the Venus III, Zeres III and Jenius III. The Venus III series is a cleanroom-ready molder with 100% all-electric precision and repeatability. For large tonnage applications, the Jenius III offers precision electric injection combined with the increased mold capacity and space saving of a two-platen configuration. The best-selling Zeres III series provides the energy-saving precision of electric injection and clamp functions but integrates a hydraulic powerpack for cores, ejectors, valve gates and carriage movement. The Zeres III also offers a high-speed and a multi-shot configuration for even more application flexibility.

New electric Zhafir injection unit

An improvement is the new electric injection unit with a single, dual and quad-spindle drive. Aaron Galindo, corporate controls engineering manager, said that here, one can see the interaction of software and hardware. The challenge was to synchronize the software and hardware for all four spindles. The multi-axis control technology is based on servo torque direct drives. This is only possible with extremely powerful, reliable, but also flexible components that are controlled by an intelligent control center.

Other injection unit improvements

  • Injection carriage and injection supported by linear guides with a lower friction coefficient, higher operational accuracy and lower energy consumption
  • More active hold pressure response for better quality control of small and precision parts
  • Swiveling injection unit for quick screw and barrel changeover as standard
  • Injection unit speeds up to 500 mm/s
  • Clamp design improvements
  • Tie bar spacing increased; all tie bar spacing squared (H=V)
  • Dry cycle times decreased by 10%
  • Improved highly reactional mold protection
  • Reduced platen deformation
  • Reserved space for robot movement above the nonoperator side of the machine
  • Option for linear guides for the clamp unit
  • Smaller overall machine layout

Software improvements with Connectivity Plus and Motion Plus

Generation 3 is not just a hardware update. Rather, it is a comprehensive system upgrade (Motion Plus) from sensor communication improvements to a new adaptive processing control. This update also extends to how the user and auxiliary equipment can interface/communicate with the machine (Connectivity Plus). Motion Plus and Connectivity Plus form a strong symbiosis and are in healthy balance with each other.

At a glance: Connectivity Plus

Galindo stated that the company provides the customer an intelligent machine system that is open to all possibilities while opening the free choice of integration partners. In this way, the highly standardized Haitian and Zhafir machines can be integrated easily into automated processes, cells and production lines as required – maximizing flexibility with the best possible productivity.

Features include:

  • Versatile communication interfaces, interoperability protocols and device integration functions based on all internationally common interfaces such as Euromap 77, 82 and 83
  • Remote monitoring – monitor process conditions, alarms and more from an external location
  • Remote access – connects control directly to Absolute Haitian for remote support
  • Based on OPC Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) Standards – open integration with all common interfaces for seamless connection of MES systems (machine to business) and industrial automation

At a glance: Motion Plus

Galindo said Motion Plus is the collection of already established and new developments for intelligent motion control. This may not sound spectacular at first, but given the enormous manufacturing power and service capacities, this technological advance is taking on new significance. Motion Plus combines hardware and software into a high-performance symbiosis.

Capabilities include:

  • The collection of already established and new developments around intelligent motion control
  • Proprietary servo drive to motor parameterization for precise velocity/pressure control
  • Versatile automation random access network (VARAN) fieldbus

For more information, visit www.absolutehaitian.com.