Tooling Tech Group Releases Brochure on FLEXBASE Modular Automation Cell

Tooling Tech Group (TTG), Macomb, Michigan, a manufacturer of custom automated systems, has released a brochure describing its FLEXBASE standardized modular automation cells.

The FLEXBASE units are designed to easily integrate with robotics, vision, lasers and other technologies, replacing repetitive manual operations and reducing time to market at a reasonable cost. Flexible and scalable, the FLEXBASE systems can be configured as standalone, automated workstations with manual loading and unloading, or linked together via conveyors to quickly create a complete automated assembly line.

The brochure provides technical specifications on the FLEXBASE units and the variety of automated processes the cells can be configured to perform. There are technical diagrams and photos of the systems included. The brochure can be downloaded from the company’s website.

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