Sepro Group Scaling Back Fakuma Plans

Robot provider Sepro Group, La Roche sur Yon, France, has announced that it plans to substantially curtail its activities at the Fakuma plastics fair, should it be held as scheduled Oct. 13-17, 2020. Sepro has recently made the decision not to display any robot solutions or automation systems and will consequently reduce staff attendance on the fair.

“Even if Sepro operates today at a normal level, the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to create a global atmosphere of uncertainty. We think that the potential to endanger the health of our employees and customers remains. The global context can also limit opportunities for Sepro’s customers for travel and for face-to-face interactions,” explained Xavier Lucas, chief sales officer of Sepro Group. “Already we have seen that many major industry players have announced they will limit their participation at Fakuma and we expect attendance, especially from outside Germany, will be substantially reduced.”

“Our motto these days is ‘safety first’,” Lucas continued. “As the lockdown in France has softened, we have returned to full production while implementing strict hygiene practices, including the mandatory wearing of masks.”

As an alternative, the company is looking into offering injection molders the opportunity to learn about recent developments in its globally recognized range of 3-, 5- and 6-axis robots and automation systems by participating in e-meetings, webinars and other socially distanced activities that have already been successful these past few months.

Information about on-line meetings and other ways that customers and stakeholders can engage Sepro sales and technical experts will be posted on the company website in the near future.

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