RJG’s Lynx Stroke/Velocity Sensor Now More Robust

Tool and training provider RJG Inc., Traverse City, Michigan, has announced that the Lynx Stroke/Velocity Sensor (LE-R-50) has been redesigned to be even more robust. The new model will function identically to the old version with the same Lynx™ output, ID number and function but will be less susceptible to noise and contamination.

A few physical attributes have changed: the Lynx connector position, the mounting hole locations and the overall size. However, there is an adapter plate available to utilize existing mounting holes.

There will be no price changes associated with these improvements. Tracking injection velocity, shot volume, cushion and plasticizing rates is as simple as connecting a stroke/velocity sensor. The LE-R-50 is a molding machine mountable linear position/velocity sensor designed to be used with RJG’s process control systems. The Stroke-Velocity Encoder can be used to monitor standard screw position and speed on most injection molding machines.

For more information, visit www.rjginc.com.