MCAM Commercializes Injection Moldable Polymer Compounds

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (MCAM), a global manufacturer of high-performance thermoplastics, has been perfecting its KyronMAX® platform since 2014. KyronMAX® polymers are now 20% lighter and 20-50% stronger, exhibiting tensile strengths above 61,000 psi (420 MPa) and modulus above 6,300,000 psi (43.5 GPa).

A series of the highest-performance carbon fiber composite materials now available, KyronMAX® is the next generation in injection moldable metal replacement technology. Randy White, chief innovation officer, explained that the uniqueness of KyronMAX® is that it is not only available today in more than 20 of the strongest drop-in ready polymers on the planet, but often becomes a true partnership – where MCAM collaborates with each customer to develop a formula to specifically fit their unique application. Currently, the KyronMAX® technology platform is formulated in various thermoplastics, including PA, Low Moisture PA, PPA, Hi-Temp PPA, PC, PPS and PEEK, with more in development.

The KyronMAX® platform combines design engineering, material science and technology to help change the way prototyping, sustainability, and indeed materials manufacturing and supply operate. By integrating multiple technologies within one facility, KyronMAX® helps simplify supply chains, improve process flow and create more cost-effective solutions, while delivering superior performance and a zero-waste end-of-life recycling program.

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