Kruse Training Launches Molding Defects Level 2 Training Program

Kruse Training Inc., Naples, Florida, a developer of interactive online training programs for injection molders, part and mold designers, and process engineers, is introducing Molding Defects Level 2 to its Circle of Knowledge online training program.

The goal of this Molding Defects section is to teach the causes of common molding defects and how to prevent them. The online training is designed to help develop teams of cross-trained professionals who can successfully design and mold plastic components. The training combines interactive parts, animations, simulations, videos, quizzes and multimedia presentations that build skills and increase the confidence of injection molding engineers.

The self-paced, interactive, step-by-step training builds on the company’s successful Level 1 online training, which was released in 2018 and offers training in molding fundamentals, polymer materials, part and mold design, and processing.

Molding Defects Level 2 users will learn about various molding defects that can occur during the injection molding process; will gain an understanding of how part design, mold design and the injection molding process impact molding defects; and will analyze molded parts to learn the cause and effect behaviors of design and process.

What’s new in Molding Defects Level 2 is that all 11 lessons allow learners to interactively manipulate the 3-D CAD parts based on the examples in that lesson, to see how each molding defect appears on the final molded part. There are multiple parts in each lesson and they can be viewed in various textures and colors, depending on the featured molding defect.

All 11 lessons include video with part explanations, interactive 3-D molding defect examples, simulations, and cause and effect analyses. Each lesson takes approximately 15 to 25 minutes to complete, but learners are encouraged to go at their own pace and repeat the lessons as often as they want.

Molding Defects Level 2 lessons cover short shots, entrapments, burn marks, flash, meld and weld lines, sink marks and voids, gate blush and halo, jetting, core deflection, dimensional challenges and warpage.

Kruse Training partnered with Moldex3D, a provider of plastics simulation software, to create its interactive online training program. The software created visually engaging animations to help designers and injection molders understand plastics engineering knowledge and techniques, enabling them to foresee potential molding problems and excel in their professions.

The Kruse Training platform delivers knowledge and expertise developed by Torsten Kruse that he achieved during more than 30 years in the plastic injection molding industry. Kruse is a leading expert in the injection molding industry, providing innovative CAE simulation services, software applications, and state-of-the-art online training for design and process engineers.

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