Freedom Automatic Spray Unit Helps Personnel Distance on the Factory Floor

Slide Products, Inc., Wheeling, Illinois, a provider of mold releases, mold cleaners, rust preventives, ejector pin grease and purging compounds, offers the Freedom automatic spray unit, which handles repetitive spraying tasks, maintaining one’s productivity while helping to reduce concentrations of personnel on the manufacturing floor. Maximizing productivity while keeping personnel safely distanced is a new challenge for manufacturers. 

Freedom is an economical, reliable unit for spraying metered quantities of solution to a tightly targeted location, such as mold release on a troublesome mold cavity. The unit’s quick installation and easy set-up make it a smart, simple alternative to having personnel routinely spray, then leave and return to spray again. This helps minimize movement of personnel on the plant floor and helps keep people working and distanced. 

Slide Products’ “plug and spray” Freedom spray unit requires no hard wiring. It is easy to program and works hour after hour without a break. For mold releases, a proximity sensor placed near the mold cavity detects when the mold opens and signals the unit to deliver release. Nozzles can be attached with brackets or optional magnetic mounting blocks to target the spray at specific areas on the mold, reducing waste and overspray. 

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