Ampacet Offers Purge and Shut-Down Additives to Maintain Product Quality and Cut Costs

Masterbatch manufacturer Ampacet Corporation, Tarrytown, New York, offers three products to maintain product quality, cut maintenance costs, quickly clean-down between resins or colors and minimize waste: Product 100400 Purge PE masterbatch, Product 103828 NaturBlend TM Universal Purge and Product 100401 Antioxidant PE Compound.

Colorants and degraded or incompatible resins can linger in extruders and process equipment, causing prolonged contamination of new product jobs. Both of Ampacet’s purge masterbatches, 100400 Purge PE masterbatch and 103828 NaturBlend Universal Purge, gently clean out unwanted materials from equipment to accelerate job changes and colorant removal. 100401 Antioxidant PE compound may be used to charge the extruder prior to extended downtime, thereby reducing the likelihood of polymer degradation while idle and during subsequent start-up.

100400 Purge PE MB is ideal for general purpose polyolefin applications. Used as a transition purge when making color or resin changes, it contains a mildly abrasive inorganic material, combined with other additives that provide a synergistic cleaning effect for maximum residue removal. Suggested use is 25% – 50%, depending on the amount of build-up.

Thermally stable for high-temperature applications, 103828 NaturBlend Universal Purge MB is a highly-efficient purge masterbatch designed for blown and cast film extrusion, injection and blow molding and profile extrusion processes. It removes oxidized material from screws and barrels, cleaning the extrusion system for subsequent polymer runs, and is specifically designed to purge mixes of incompatible materials, such as polyethylene and nylon. Suggested use is 25% – 50%, depending on the amount of build-up.

100401 Antioxidant compound is designed to reduce the oxidation of polyolefins remaining in the extruder during shutdown, start-ups and planned downtime such as line maintenance. Ampacet’s 100401 Antioxidant PE compound inhibits crosslinking, prevents oxidation, minimizes gel formation and the formation of carbon specks that can delay output of quality products on restarting production. Use 100401 at 100% to charge the extruder prior to shutdown.

Ampacet purge and shutdown products are a reusable and sustainable solution.

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