Wittmann Battenfeld USA to Hold Open House on October 4th, Manufacturing Day 2019

On Friday, October 4th, Wittmann Battenfeld Inc., a manufacturer of innovative robot automation and injection molding machine technology headquartered in Vienna, Austria, will celebrate Manufacturing Day 2019 by holding an Open House at its campus in Torrington, Connecticut. The company expects as many as 150 students from several local middle and high schools to attend. Kevin Witkos, Connecticut State Senator, is also scheduled to appear.

The Society of Plastics Engineers’ PlastiVan will be at the event, where kids will learn about the chemistry, history, processing manufacturing, sustainability and application of plastics through fun, hands-on science experiments.

Tours will be provided of Wittmann Battenfeld’s two facilities in Torrington, with demonstrations of the company’s machinery and equipment. Stations set up throughout the plant will feature:

  • Introduction to the Wittmann Group, the Plastics Industry and Jobs
  • Robot Manufacturing
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Robot Automation and Engineering
  • Material Handling & Auxiliaries
  • PlastiVan

At each station, Wittmann Battenfeld employees will explain the technology being shown and discuss the specifics of their jobs.

“We look forward to hosting area students to show them not only what we do here at Wittmann Battenfeld, but to educate them on the importance of plastics and the potential employment opportunities that are available to them as they enter the workforce,” said David Preusse, President of Wittmann Battenfeld Inc.

For more information, visit www.wittmann-group.com.