Sabic Names Chase Plastics as a Distribution Partner in North America

As part of its strategy to foster the additional growth of its Specialties business and to provide outstanding service to its customers in North America, SABIC has named Chase Plastic Services, Inc. as a key distribution partner, serving SABIC customers for specialty engineering thermoplastics in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Chase Plastics joins Nexeo Solutions as authorized distributors of SABIC’s complete portfolio of specialty materials, including NORYL™ resins (polyphenylene ether-based materials), ULTEM™ resins (polyetherimide materials), LNP™ compounds and the full range of polycarbonate-based, high performance copolymers.

“Because we view our distributors as extensions of our commercial teams, SABIC sets a very high standard when selecting distribution partners. We have every confidence that Chase Plastics, with its outstanding leadership, broad distribution network, deep experience in specialty thermoplastics and the commitment to, as they themselves say, ‘outrageous service,’ will bring added value to SABIC’s Specialties customers,” said Cathie Hess, Director, Customer Fulfillment, SABIC.

Chase Plastics is headquartered in Clarkston, Michigan, and has a network of 32 distribution centers and warehouses in the United States, Mexico and Canada, but it is the quality of its sales teams, which have deep experience in specialty products, including application development, that resulted in the distribution partnership with SABIC, noted Hess. “Chase Plastics’ sales and service teams are well-versed in the performance attributes of specialty plastics and ways to maximize application design to fully leverage those attributes.”

“We are delighted by the prospects of supporting SABIC’s existing customers, and in addition, we look forward to helping SABIC grow its customer base in strategic industries in North America,” said Kevin Chase, President, Chase Plastics. “Chase Plastics’ strengths – unparalleled customer service, technical expertise and the breadth of our network – are well-aligned with SABIC’s growth ambitions. Just as important, our company’s business pillars of responsiveness, insight, flexibility and dedication are an excellent cultural fit with SABIC, which puts the customer at the center of each collaboration.”

Chase Plastics will begin serving SABIC customers during Q1 2019, with a primary focus on initial introductions and orientation to programs in process with select SABIC customers. Chase Plastics representatives will also have access to the full range of SABIC’s global application design and testing resources to support their relationships with SABIC customers.

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