Chem-Trend Publishes Catalog for Lusin Products

Chem-Trend Publishes Catalog for Lusin Products

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Chem-Trend, Howell, Michigan, announced it has, for the first time, published an online catalog for its LusinĀ® mold maintenance products. The catalog is available in English and German, and it covers related maintenance products from Chem-Trend.

The new catalog makes it possible to get a quicker and more extensive overview of all of Chem-Trend’s mold maintenance products. The interactive approach with hyperlinks makes it easier to navigate the catalog.

The links to other websites, some via QR codes, and references to videos make for an optimized overview and better user experience. Links to contact forms on the Chem-Trend websites ensure users can reach the right contact person at Chem-Trend.

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