MET Plastics Joins Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group

MET Plastics Joins Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group

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As the newest member of the Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group, MET Plastics, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, has become Met2Plastic, LLC. With the acquisition, both companies become transatlantic (US and Europe), which provides a greater possibility to generate sales abroad.

From Dedienne’s perspective, Met2Plastic gives the French manufacturing company access to the North American market with a reputable, profitable company with a customer base in the aerospace and medical fields. The capacity to produce in the US and have a presence in the Chicago region are also beneficial to Dedienne.

For Met2Plastic, Dedienne provides access to an enhanced technology portfolio that positions the company for growth in metal to plastic conversion applications for its existing customer base and for new potential customers. The acquisition also provides Met2Plastic with increased size and capacity while ensuring all staff and leadership remain in place.

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