RJG Introduces Process Match Assistant

RJG Introduces Process Match Assistant

Plastics Business

RJG, Traverse City, Michigan, introduced The CoPilotâ„¢, a process match assistant that functions as a notification system, a communication tool and a coach.

The purpose of CoPilot is to provide a simple and practical program that is so easy to use that technicians of all experience levels can produce quality parts every time. The CoPilot also works as a communication tool, allowing users to record process log entries that detail what actually occurred to make the process deviate from its normal setup.

Features and benefits of using CoPilot include: standardized troubleshooting approach, empowering technicians of all experience levels, automatic process audits, recorded history of all processing parameters for every shot, process changing log history, immediate notification if a variable moves outside of set tolerances and a highly visible process.

For more information, visit www.rjginc.com.