RJG Celebrates Building Expansion

RJG Celebrates Building Expansion

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A recently completed expansion at RJG, Traverse City, Michigan, added a second story to the facility, as well as a server room and several new office spaces.

RJG, Traverse City, Michigan, recently celebrated the completion of its building expansion. Construction ran from June 20-July 28, and the new addition includes a second story, a server room and several new office spaces.

RJG has been working with Bryan Lawton, vice president at Grand Traverse Construction, since he built their original building in 1998. He since has completed all of RJG’s other construction projects. Lawton worked in conjunction with architect Ray Kendra of CWS Architects for this project.

RJG has increased its employee base by 43 percent in the last three years. With this growth, the need to expand the building became evident.

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