iD Additives Introduces Division and Foaming Agent

iD Additives Introduces Division and Foaming Agent

Plastics Business

iD Additives, Inc., LaGrange, Illinois, announced it has opened a division, iD LiquiD Systems™, devoted to the production of liquid colorants and additives in Flint, Texas.

Plastics molders who need color change in products can benefit from liquid color. Caps and closures, toys, cutlery, bottles, packaging, housewares and other products are all good candidates for this technology. iD LiquiD Systems will distribute to the North American market from the Texas facility.

iD Additives also has added iD High Temperature Foam to its line of foaming agents. It is designed specifically for use with high-temperature resins. It features a low (under 2 percent) LDR and is non-hydroscopic, so no material drying is required. It improves material flow and dimensional stability for cosmetic and non-cosmetic applications.

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