Frigel Extends Advanced Control Technology to Product Lines

Frigel Extends Advanced Control Technology to Product Lines

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Shown are Frigel Microgel chiller/Temperature Control Units (TCUs) with 3PR control technology for more data and Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.

Frigel, Scandicci, Italy, extended its 3PR technology platform to its Microgel and Heavygel product lines, making it the only company that offers common control capabilities on three types of cooling systems, as well auxiliary components.

In addition to providing more information than previously available in a portable chiller, 3PR technology delivers the first availability of Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity in portable chillers. As such, Microgel users are able to access crucial operating data, including temperatures, pressures, flow rates and energy use. The control platform also gives Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity to Frigel’s Heavygel chillers and Aquagel systems.

Among the key features of the control technology is an intuitive, 7″, full-color touchscreen. Users can easily view, control and optimize all aspects of their equipment based on real-time data across their network infrastructure, including building management systems. Unique to the Frigel control technology is on-board maintenance recommendations, as well as troubleshooting guides and event/processing data history logs to ensure maximum equipment uptime.

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