Chem-Trend Develops Food-Grade Anti-Corrosion Protectant

Chem-Trend Develops Food-Grade Anti-Corrosion Protectant

Plastics Business


Lusin® Protect G 31 F provides consistent protection and coverage with a wax-based film that remains intact.

Chem-Trend, Howell, Michigan, added Lusin® Protect G 31 F to its line of high-performance mold maintenance products to support thermoplastics processors. It is an anti-corrosion protectant developed specifically for use in the packaging industry and is applicable for food-grade applications where incidental food contact is possible.

The new product is a dry film, which provides significant benefit over typical oil-based rust inhibitors. The dry film does not creep between mold plates, slides and core adjustments and can be easily removed from the mold cavity by the simple process of part molding, allowing for time and labor savings. Additionally, it does not produce “oil marks” on transparent and optical parts. Lusin Protect G 31 F is NSF-registered. It conforms to H1 category code and therefore complies with FDA 21 CFR §178.357.

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