Beaumont Announces Training Schedule

Beaumont Announces Training Schedule

Plastics Business

Beaumont Technologies, Erie, PA, has released its training schedule for 2015.

Beaumont’s “Plastics Professional Continuing Education & Training Series” will include courses such as

  • Mold Start-up, Debug and Qualification
  • Hot and Cold Runner Systems
  • Injection Molding and Root Cause Analysis for QC/QA
  • Understanding Shrink and Warp
  • Mold Design for Project Engineers
  • Plastic Flow and Design Essentials for Mold Makers/Designers
  • Understanding & Applying Flow Simulation

Beaumont also offers Autodesk Moldflow Courses, which include

  • Moldflow Fundamentals
  • Moldflow Advanced Flow
  • Moldflow Advanced Cool and Warp
  • Moldflow Adviser

Rather than rely on the “same old process training,” Beaumont courses stress science-based diagnostic solutions that require students to consider all variables of complex questions and design problems.

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