Tech Molded Plastics’ Customer Survey Assesses OEM Attitudes

Tech Molded PlasticsÂ’ Customer Survey Assesses OEM Attitudes

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Buyers, product designers and component engineers in key roles placed importance on issues of quality over cost in a 2013 industry survey undertaken by Tech Molded Plastics, Inc., Meadville, PA.

The objective of the survey was to identify and rank business characteristics that key industry players would most like to see in a supplier of precision molded plastics. Other notable findings included the top three areas of importance were identified as “Long-term Quality of Products/Molds,” “Initial Quality of Products/Molds,” and “On-time Delivery of Product”; and, by a wide margin, the least important aspects in comparison were identified as “Pricing of Product,” “Quote Response Time” and “Total Life-cycle Cost Performance.”

The survey was designed for strategic planning and performance improvement initiatives. For more information, visit