RJG Looking for Beta Testers

RJG Looking for Beta Testers

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A new multi-channel cavity pressure solution from RJG, Inc., Traverse City, MI, simplifies in-mold installations and saves real estate on the mold.

The new multi-channel cavity pressure solution, unique to RJG, Inc., Traverse City, MI, allows injection molders to connect up to eight strain-gage sensors to one connection point on the mold.

Low profile and robust, this hardware solution reduces the per mold cost by up to 26 percent over the multi-channel piezoelectric option; by up to 40 percent over single channel strain gage sensors; and by up to 55 percent over the embedded sensor plates.

For more information or to inquire about beta testing this product, email curt.otto@rjginc.com or visit www.rjginc.com.