Crescent Industries Adds 3D Printing Services

Crescent Industries Adds 3D Printing Services

Plastics Business

At Crescent Industries, 3D-printed models have been used to speed up the molding process by using them for design review, quality inspection, product fixtures and end-of-arm tooling.

The addition of a Stratasys Eden 500V16 3D printer gives the New Freedom, PA-based custom injection molder the ability to produce ultra-fine details for parts with complex geometries, smooth surface finishes and thin walls. These components are produced using production-grade thermoplastics so painting, gluing, sanding, drilling and bonding with other 3D-printed parts can be completed just like any plastic component.

Additionally, the new printer allows Crescent to provide 3D components for its customers to use as prototypes or samples, as well as provide small production runs.

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