Stratasys Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Stratasys Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit

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Stratasys Inc., the Minneapolis, MN-based subsidiary of Stratasys Ltd., has brought suit for patent infringement against Afinia, a division of Microboards Technology LLC, in the US District Court for the District of Minnesota. Stratasys is seeking injunctive relief and damages for infringement of four of its 3D printing patents.

The complaint alleges that Afinia’s sale, promotion and use of its Series H printer infringes patents directed to part porosity, liquefier structure, temperature control and tool paths for constructing part perimeters. The most recent Stratasys patent that Afinia is alleged to infringe was issued in January 2013.

Stratasys Inc.’s co-founder, chairman and chief innovation officer, Scott Crump, invented Fused Deposition Modeling, a technology that prints 3D objects from computer models by building them up in layers. This is the first time that Stratasys has commenced an action for infringement of its patents.

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