More Member Exchanges Scheduled

Member executives across the country have recently experienced significant benefits from a new service offered by the MAPP organization. In three separate meetings, senior level executives, human resource professionals and purchasing managers have engaged in rapid-fire business exchange sessions to solve problems, obtain new ideas and learn about new resources.

“The power of the MAPP organization is when people connect with other people, which is the ultimate goal of the membership exchange program,” said Kelly Goodsel, owner of Viking Plastics and MAPP President. “MAPP’s leadership team knows that linking professionals responsible for similar business functions is one of the most efficient forms of education.”

The purpose of MAPP’s Member Exchanges is to bring together staff level professionals, responsible for similar business areas, to discuss the key issues they face. The term “reinventing the wheel” is one that MAPP’s leadership team hopes to eliminate with these types of events, which have become learning tools for professional development. The only improvement feedback that Executive Director Troy Nix received after a recent Senior Leadership Exchange was to have them more often.

Upcoming Member Exchanges will take place on Friday for human resources professionals; senior leaders will meet once a month throughout the summer on June 15, July 13 and Aug. 10; and ERP system users will tour Dekalb Molded Products, Butler, IN, on June 21.

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